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The New Normal

As we have all now been accustomed to the ‘New normal’, we strive to provide the same quality of great training that allows our clients more control and flexibility while aligning with their other commitments at the comfort of their home.

Our online training aims to offer the same experience of interactive learning while simplifying the whole process for one’s convenience and learning preferences.

Cisco CCIE Training, the way it should be done

CCIE Data Center Training

Course Content Portfolio

Our CCIE course content not only maps to the Cisco LAB blueprint but is also integrated with enterprise network implementation and troubleshooting.

CCIE Training in Bangalore

Expert Pool of Instructors

We boast of large expert pool of CCIE Certified instructors who bring Real World Enterprise experience in the class.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training

Latest Cisco Devices

Lab practice is of utmost importance in the CCIE training. We offer the most latest and upto date Cisco devices for practice.

Best CCIE Security Training in India

Multi-Channel Course Delivery

We offer online instructor-led, online self-paced, classroom, and on-site training to suit the different needs of our clients.

CCNP Data Training in India

Dedicated Training Advisor

Our training advisor would be one POC throughout the training journey, catering to all the requirements.

Python Training for Network Engineers

Study Resources

Our LMS provides insight to our clients on the study progress and also offers a wide range of study materials and class videos.

Cisco ACI Certificate Training in Bangalore

Technical Support

Our technology instructors combined with lab admins provide the necessary end-to-end technical support for CCIE preparation.

Cisco SD-WAN Certification Training

Best Budget Efficiency

All our courses are priced to fit the budgets of our clients and provide the highest ROI.

Expert Training in a classroom, online or from home!


Live Class

Join a pre-scheduled Zoom class with a live instructor and other student peers.


Interactive class

Interact with instructors and ask live questions. Communicate with student peers.


Zero travel or accommodation costs

Learn technology and practice labs from your home comfort


Video on demand(VOD)

Our technology videos help you learn at your own pace. Besides our videos, Selfpace training is bundled with study materials, lab workbooks, and tutor support.


VOD Access for 180 Days

Our VOD courses come with a standard 180-days access, which can be extended if need be.


Performance Report

Our LMS provides insight into your own course progress and ensures continuous improvement.

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Customized corporate solutions

We cater to delivering all of Cisco's courses to help organizations upskill. Be it flexible dates, group training, or one-on-one training, we meet the needs of corporate clients by providing customized solutions.



Our solutions can be adapted to meet company, individual project, and business requirements with tailored learning solutions.


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Our Recent CCIE Successfull Students

CCIE Data Center
CCIE Data Center
Kapil Mittal CCIE #68188
Ajmal P CCIE #61966
Ratul Kalitha CCIE #68052
Muhasin Muhammed CCIE #68044
Shankar Mahalingam CCIE #68039
Suyanto CCIE #67902
Sumit Sarafi CCIE #67886
Arun Kumar Vishwakarma CCIE #67802
Kolanjiyappan K CCIE #67789
Jose Quesada CCIE #67730
Mohamed Basheer CCIE #67720
Amit Shrivas CCIE #67488
Santosh Nishad CCIE #67480
Vaibhav S CCIE #64566
Murli CCIE #57518
Vishal CCIE #36655
Richita CCIE #64312
Shiva Nalluri CCIE #64207
Vipul CCIE #47670
Ashish Sinha CCIE #64023
Chinmay CCIE #64008
Shubha CCIE #63962
Gaurav Gambhir CCIE #63904
Krishna CCIE #63891
Sanjay Kumar CCIE #59838
Ravichandra Kanduri CCIE #59827
Shekhar CCIE #59596 Kishun CCIE #60092
Vijay T A CCIE #60090
Mayur Khadola CCIE #59955
Bharath R CCIE #59844
Arun Kumar CCIE #59595
CCIE Security
CCIE Security
Venkat CCIE #64575
Khaled Al Sahoy CCIE #56348
Gaurav Bilgi CCIE #63894
Vishal Hankare CCIE #63884
Mithil Roshan M CCIE #63879
Tarun CCIE #51544
Gaurav Tiwari CCIE #63162
Varun V CCIE #53329
Joy M CCIE #62999
Uzair S CCIE #35454
Naseer Ahmed CCIE #62200
Dinil Kumar B CCIE #60779
Farid Yusifov CCIE #47918
Svante Lindroos CCIE #44059
Gopal Ram R CCIE #44031
Uttam Kumar Epuri CCIE #44020
Premdeep Banga CCIE #21713
Prasoon Mathur CCIE #21565
Ahmed Safi Ullah Rajput CCIE #21558
Madhu Poonghat CCIE #21469
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
Salim Malik CCIE #67892
G.Saruulbat CCIE #67605
Kiran G R CCIE #67539
Guruprasath CCIE #67329
Rehan Haider CCIE #67152
Danish Singh CCIE #67125
Vishal Saroha CCIE #67075
Kainat Sami CCIE #67042
Aamir Sadique CCIE #67026
Swaroop Lawrence CCIE #62894
Asif Khandiya CCIE #63920
Raju Sundararajan CCIE #63427
Angkhara Jindaporn CCIE #63114
Shitanshu Sharma CCIE #63148
Nazmuddin Ali CCIE #63022
Mrunal Meshram CCIE #61827
Yakasai Saifullah CCIE #61649
Mohammed Hafiz CCIE #61627
Saheer Ulladan CCIE #61454
Balagopal CCIE #58587
Ramesh Babu CCIE #58586
Bakkya. S CCIE #57254
Rameez Sardar CCIE #23244
Ruthish Kumar S CCIE #24424 Vijayaram Venkataraman CCIE #23969
Mohannad Abuissa CCIE #23740
Selvaraj S CCIE #23692
Sreejesh N Varier CCIE #23469
Noel Thompson CCIE #23390
Kamran Raza Zaidi CCIE #23313

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