Can one go directly for CCIE Certification Exam?

CCIE Certification Exam, as per currently prevalent Cisco guidelines, one can directly appear for CCIE certification exam. However, preparing for it is a complete journey, during which you need to follow a disciplined certification learning path that begins with extensive training on the following CCIE certification course levels:

CCNA Certification Exam:

One needs to grasp the networking fundamentals and understand the network types, protocols, configuration, troubleshooting techniques on the go. At this stage only, you get to take the feel of handling the latest Cisco devices and applying the learnt concepts to understand the in-depth implications of it.

CCNP Certification Exam:

After CCNA Certification course, CCNP level training makes you a skilled networking professional competent at designing, configuring, operating, managing and troubleshooting simple to complex enterprise networks.

CCIE Certification Exam:

Lastly, comes the rigorous training and preparation stage for CCIE certification exam. The preparation calls for a much focused approach coupled with theoretical and hands on training from industry experts. CCIE certification exam and specially its lab exam, is the most difficult one to crack. In order to pass your lab exam in one attempt and get to the CCIE success, you need to have a much disciplined approach towards your CCIE study and preparations. Because it’s certainly a costly affair and Cisco conducts it in its premises so it’s like take it or leave it kind of opportunity.

CCIE preparation process becomes much less stressful and when you bundle it up with number of tried and tested learning resources available to help you prepare and ace the CCIE lab.

How to get CCIE Certification?

CCIE Certification is known to be the toughest boat to row. Being the expert-level certification, CCIE takes in dedicated efforts and a focused approach to get through the exam, but it needs to be coupled with extensive CCIE Certification too. Your CCIE preparation journey gets all the more smooth if you are able to gain the guidance from industry experts and CCIE certified professionals. To get to the CCIE level preparation the righteous certification path laid down by Cisco comprises of CCNA, CCNP and then CCIE. Though taking exam for all levels is not compulsory and you can appear for CCIE directly. Now comes, the strategy and plan of action in order to become CCIE certified.

  • Analyze and select Cisco authorized CCIE training institutes.
  • Get trained by CCIE certified professionals.
  • Schedule Study Processes
  • Understand Lab Equipment and Devise Preparation Technique
  • Attempt as many mock lab tests as possible before attempting the exam.
  • One must practice on real Cisco devices.
  • Stay updated with Cisco curriculum and follow Cisco workbooks.

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