Scope of a CCIE

Emphasizing the fact that, Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is the utmost level certification by Cisco Systems, it is proven that experts with CCIE certification are the finest networkers. The CCIEs have earned a reputation of leading the networking industry in profound technical networking knowledge and are working over the most technically exigent network assignments. Regarded as the toughest certification, it ensures high reputed designations, a good figure salary, and other perks. Now let's discuss a few below:

a) Extensive Knowledge Base

The most important benefit of the CCIE Examination is the knowledge store of the certification. This certification intends to expand the candidate’s knowledge level. The excellent reputation of CCIE Engineers over the years have left an impression that they are extensively technical and understand network technologies and concepts vividly.

b) Availability of Jobs

End to end networks are in inevitable demand for candidates who can handle their networks. You may be surprised to know that the number of available candidates are far less than the number of available jobs in the networking industry. Hence a lot of jobs are available in the networking domain especially for the CCIE candidates.

c) Growth Opportunities

There will be a huge growth in opportunities if the candidate achieves a CCIE Certification. Career opportunities are endless and the candidate will have more growth opportunities as the networking industry demands for CCIE candidates. If the candidate has more than five year experience in the relevant field then the salary packages would be excellent.

d) Salary Packages

Cisco CCIE professionals are one of the highest paid professionals in the world. These professionals always get higher packages than other technical professionals. Even for a fresher the salary is very attractive.

e) Innovation

The networking industry as a whole is undergoing innovation year-on-year. Due to this innovation rate the networking industry demands more certified engineers to handle their networks. Also, if you are an innovator yourself then you can expect exponential growth in your career graph.

Salary for a CCIE certified professionals in India:

Needless to say as the CCIE certification has the massive growth in the current market so this field undoubtedly gives you multiple opportunities to get the highest package. CCIE salary in India is the most lucrative in the field of computer and Internet networking industry. This certification, achieved by very few, can take an individual to the top of the career ladder. The Salary package for CCIE freshers in India is 4LPA-6LPA depending on the domain. In fact, CCIE certified professionals are the highest paid IT professionals across the globe. Being a tough, expert-level Cisco certification this validates your expertise in designing, implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting all types of networks. It endows you the best-in-class network management skills, capable of landing you in promising careers at high salary packages. A fresher with no experience and CCIE certification can get a minimum of 3, 60,000 LPA. Maximum figures can be achieved with high skills and it continues to grow with experience.

Years of Experience National Salary Data (Minimum)
Less than 1 year Rs 3,60,000
1-4 years Rs 4,62,994
5-9 years Rs 9,76,389
10-19 years Rs 19,55,682
20 years or more Rs 36,00,000

These salary ranges continue to increase rapidly with every year of experience addition. As per the Economy, experienced CCIE holders can earn an average salary package as depicted in the chart above.

Benefits of CCIE:

The Benefits of CCIE certified experts are always top notch and have an edge over other professionals in the IT industry. This is due to the technical CCIE Training and the associated prestige entailed in the certification. People can immediately place you at a given level of aptitude and achievement. They know you can understand the most complex networking problems and that you will spend necessary time to overcome them. This cuts to the chase on what could be a potentially lengthy interview process where someone tries to assess what level you are at.

Another benefit, is marketability. You will always have a job, at least for the distant future. CCIE’s are always in demand, they help elevate the partner status of Cisco partners.

Needless to mention, salary. A CCIE certified engineer probably is looking at least a salary of $125k easily obtainable. That can be huge. Why do most of us work in the first place? To make a paycheck. If one can really push the bars with a great amount of hard work and get certified may land at $125k salary that is certainly worthwhile to note.

As an individual progresses, rapid promotion is definitely mentionable as one of the core benefits. CCIE certified experts are always top notch and have an edge over other professionals in the IT industry. This is due to the technical CCIE training and the associated prestige entailed in the certification. IT giants instill more confidence in these highly skilled professionals, thereby hiring and retaining them at attractive remuneration. Therefore, their chances of promotion remain higher than any ordinary engineers possessing other certifications.

It lends an aura of prestige. Cracking of CCIE examination is no more a herculean task. Several aspirants carry a misconception that passing this exam is almost impossible and demands exceptional merit. However, the fact is that cracking this exam needs a balance between both hard work and smart work. There are several CCIE Bootcamp programs that deliver high standard extensive lab training on a daily basis.

If shining in the professional field of IT is the dream, then one must start full-fledged preparation for the CCIE exam and accomplish the aspiration.