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CISCO SD-WAN Certification Training

Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment v1.1

This class will help you learn to use Cisco SD-WAN to Identify the various components and architecture of the Cisco SD-WAN solution, Deploy vEdge routers, Create templates, Configure and verify overlay routing, and Create simple policies to control traffic flow in the secure extensible network.

Key Features

20 hours of technology classes

CCIE Certified trainers for SD-WAN Course.

Flexible batch schedule

Access to student guides, workbooks, videos etc...,

24/7 Lab Access to enable to choose the desired slot time.

An enhanced lab topology that represents a real-world network.

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The Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment (ENSDW) v1.1 course provides an overview of the Cisco® Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution and SD-WAN components. You will learn how to create, manage, and operate a secure extensible network using Cisco SD-WAN products. The course covers how to configure, operate, and monitor overlay routing in a secure extensible network. In addition, you will learn about policies and Quality of Service (QoS) in the SD-WAN overlay network. The Cisco SD-WAN solution is a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture that facilitates digital and cloud transformation for enterprises. Cisco SD-WAN significantly reduces WAN costs and time to deploy new services. With Cisco SD-WAN, you can build a robust security architecture that’s crucial for hybrid networks and provides a strong policy framework.
Course Content
  • SD-WAN Solution Components
  • SD-WAN Solution Overview
  • SD-WAN Components
  • Managing SD-WAN Components
  • Secure Extensible Network Deployment
  • Secure Control Plane Operation
  • Secure Control Plane Deployment
  • Secure Data Plane Operation
  • Cloud Deployments and Redundancy
  • SD-WAN Template Deployment
  • Templates Overview
  • Feature Templates
  • Device Templates
  • Attaching Devices to Templates
  • SD-WAN Overlay Routing
  • sOverlay Routing Overview
  • OMP Route Advertisements
  • OMP Route Redistribution and Network Segmentation
  • Configuring and Verifying Overlay Routing
  • SD-WAN Policies and QoS
  • Policy Overview and Framework
  • vSmart Policy Operation and Construction
  • Forwarding and QoS Overview
  • Configuring and Monitoring QoS Forwarding
  • Lab outline
  • Manage and Monitor SD-WAN Components
  • Deploy and Verify SD-WAN vEdge Routers
  • Deploy SD-WAN Templates
  • SD-WAN Overlay Routing
  • Smart Policies
Who Should Attend?
  • Enterprise network system installers
  • System integrators
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Solutions designers
Duration & Schedule

Duration Weekdays(Mon-Fir): 30 days @ 2hrs/day
Duration Weekends(Sat-Sun): 8 days @ 5hrs/day

Weekdays 3rd 5th 7th 9th 4th
Weekends 8th 10th 12th 14th 9th

Please write to us at for the pricing. Bangalore: +91 80 42019151

Cisco SDWAN Course Fees: 35,000 INR

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