Payment Policy

Course Payment Policies

Before one can reserve a seat in an upcoming classroom and live online class, an email confirmation order willing to enrol must be placed and subsequently the course fees paid either full or initial amount as per payment plan.

Class rescheduling fee will apply regardless of the payment method selected. Please refer to the rescheduling policy for further details.

If a visa invitation letter from NetMet is required to attend your scheduled on-site classes, please plan your payment accordingly. Class orders must be paid in full before we are able to issue visa invitation letters to students.

Course Re-Take Policy

The retake terms in place at the time of enrolment will apply to your case. Re-takes are available for classes of the same type, or for classes that have replaced the course you originally attended. You must attend your initial class before you can register for a re-take. You may only register for one retake at a time and must attend the retake session before scheduling another re-take. Students may schedule a re-take for any upcoming class date, excluding those marked “Sold Out”. Any outstanding fees, including rescheduling fees, must be paid before you can register for a re-take. 3 re-takes of the same class type are permitted within 12 months from the date of first enrolment. Re-take policy is subject to change at any time at the discretion of INE.

Payments, Pricing and Promotions.

Payment Plans General Overview

Course Fees totally less than INR 100000 must be paid in full 7 days prior to the class start date. Any amount of NetMet offered courses totalling INR 100000.00 or more is eligible for an instalment-based payment plan. Any course fee which contains discounted or promotional pricing is not eligible for payment plan processing unless specified by the billing department. A processing fee will be applied to all payment plan orders calculated at 5% of your order total. This 5% fee will be processed with the first payment. A minimum of 30% of the order total is required as the initial payment (+5% processing fee). The remaining balance will be spread over the remaining term, not to exceed a total of three months. This is not a credit or financing plan and no interest charges are incurred from NetMet, except for the initial 5% processing fee.

Example: You have enrolled for a course with fees of INR 150000 and have opted for a 3-month payment plan. You must pay INR 45000 INR for your initial payment, plus the 5% processing fee of INR 7500 at the time of enrolment. Your first payment would be INR 52500. The remaining INR 105000 course fee balance will have to be paid the next 3 months, at INR 35000 per month.

If you have enrolled within regular business hours, our Sales Department ( will contact you by end of day to gather payment information. Sales team will inform you via email on the course schedule after the first payment is complete. You may also contact us for immediate response at +91 80 65754488.

Payment Plans General Overview

Course Fees: Your course fees total must amount to INR 100000 or more to qualify for a Payment Plan.

Term Length: Available Payment Plan terms are 2 and 3-month instalments.

Payment method: Payment Plan purchases must be made by credit card, debit card, Bank Transfer, Cheque or DD. No other payment methods are accepted for payment plan orders.

Initial down payment: All Payment Plans must begin with at least a 25% down payment plus 5% processing fee. Any exceptions are at the sole discretion of our billing team.

Payment Failures and Non-Payment Policy

If you fail to pay the instalment for any reason, you will be contacted by our billing department via email. You will have 5 days from that day to respond to the email and pay the outstanding instalment payment with our billing team. If, on 5th business day following the failed payment, we have not heard from you nor have arrangements been made to process the payment using another method, your account will go into default and will be suspended from taking any further classes. To re-join the classes, your remaining balance must be paid in full. If your payments have lapsed more than 90 days, a INR 5000 reinstatement fee will apply (along with your remaining payment balance) to re-join the classes. If your payments have lapsed more than 365 calendar days, your enrolment to the class will be permanently cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeited. NetMet also may report any unpaid order balance to a debt collection agency.

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